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All these images were scanned by me. Unless otherwise noted.

These scans are from volumes 2 and 4 of Viz's Graphic Novels of X/1999.

A little bit of Satsuki and a little bit of Yuuto Why does it have to hurt so much? Satsuki's kawaii smile Kanoe is a little friendly with Satsuki
Satsuki demonstrates some of her power Wires, wires everywhere Kanoe interupts Satsuki Does Satsuki really enjoy having wires in her skin? Looks like it Kanoe is touching Satsuki agian, and the Beast acts like a pet

These are from the September '01 issue of Asuka (the monthly anthology X is printed in, in Japan).

The insert color page of Satsuki, a tad revealing but, cool none the less Yuuto calling Satsuki down from the Beast, because it's tea time Yuuto catching Satsuki, after she exits the Beast
Yuuto suggests that the Beast may be lonely Satsuki is caught off guard by Yuuto when he asks her if she has anyone special Yuuto offers his hand to Satsuki. I absolutely love this scene!! Sugoi!!

Images from Volume 13 of the Manga. Otherwise known as the "Why is it wrong to kill humans?" volume.

Satsuki targeting Yuzuriha Yuzuriha countering Satsuki's first attack, Satsuki looks as though she's enjoying herself Satsuki shows Yuzuriha who she's up against Verbal banter between Satsuki and Yuzuriha So, tell me, why is it wrong to kill human beings?
Yuzuriha is stumped and Satsuki launches a sneak attack Satsuki and the Sephirot she made out of exploding buildings Satsuki and Yuuto Satsuki leaves with Yuuto, the Beast looks jealous


These are images from Satsuki's Side Story, I scanned from Animerica Extra Volume 3 Issue 7. You probably can't find these anywhere else. Drop me a line if you want to used them on your site in any kind of way.


Here's a painting I did of Satsuki. If you know your X artwork, you'll notice her position is very Kamui-like. Truth is I really like the way Kamui is drawn and the body type is basically the same as Satsuki's, so I did a little artistic improvising. I'm really, really happy with this painting, though. It is one of my best!
Please do not use my artwork in any way, fashion or form. Thank you.


This picture was so incredibly hard to find and then I had to fix it up just so it could look this good