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Concerning my opinions, and predictions, first of all that's just what they are. They shouldn't really be taken serious. I like to think of them as mental stepping stones. And if you happen to have opinions, theories and what not feel free to talk to me, I'm always open to new X theories. And if you happen to have AIM, my screen name is Satsuki1999.

Matrix trailer
Heh, this might seem completely off-topic but I recently was privaleged to view the preview/teaser trailer for the upcoming Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions movies. And I got a rather odd shock from some of the scenes I saw.
I took this from the Matrix website

Rather instantly I thought "Hey, that looks a lot like when Seishiro attacked Subaru in the X movie". Sadly I couldn't find a good clean screenshot of what I want to show so, I had to take digital pictures of my TV screen.

I'm not entirely sure if X was inspiration to this scene or its just pure coincedence but I just thought it was cool. Also, I know the Animatrix stuff is suppose to be coming out this year. Originally I thought the creators of the Matrix just wanted to be "hip" and "with it" going and promoting the Matrix through anime. But I think they really do happen to be fans and frankly that's just really cool. They have good taste in their material (X/1999) too!

Satsuki in X fandom
Satsuki is not at all popular amongst X fans. But I happen to believe she is the best character for the times. The world is so full with technology and computers who can be programed to think for themselves, I would not be surprised if someone out there created a computer like The Beast (and hooked themselves to it).
I really can't imagine why Satsuki is not popular. Sure she's a little sociopathic, but that's what makes her interesting. But then all the characters of X have a special little something that makes each one likeable.
Satsuki is pretty powerful too. I mean, how are you going to fight someone who really isn't there. In Satsuki's case, really the only way she could be killed is if someone went under the government building and attacked her there. And on top of that, they would need to know that is where Satsuki really is. Pretty ingenious.
As for her popularity in America, my theory on that is because she is 1)Intelligent and 2)Anti-Social. From my experiences living in America (I happen to do extremely well in school and I am sort of anti-social), people tend to really hate you if you meet both of those criteria. I also reach this assumption because of Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami (from Sailor Moon) and how she is so unpopular in America compared to the popularity of other characters.
These similarities are all very odd and kind-a disturbing. I'm hoping to analyze some new info and come up with some more theories soon.

I'm working a few little banners and such. Soon to be up.