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8-14-02 I've been trying to capture some screenshots but they have been coming out discolored and stuff. So those are on hold until I figure something out. I did change the main page picture, heh. And I added something in the Xtra section about the Matrix sequel and a possible connection to X. Also you might want to check out the Files section because I put up my beloved painting of Satsuki.

5-23-02 Well, sorry for lack of updates. But I have scans from Volume 13 up. Next up will be screenshots and possibly sounds from the X anime that just aired in Japan and is scheduled to come to the States by the end of this year. Though I wasn't trilled with what happened to Satsuki.. or the anime for that matter but, it is better than not having an anime at all.

9-25-01 Okay, I've been a little busy. More pics are up, this time from September's issue of Asuka. And this site is now listed on Anipike, as well as moved over to Tripod. That's it for now. Next on the scanning block is Vol 13.

8-28-01 I was forced to lower the size of the pictures I had in the Files area, for a good reason however. I have now in my posession X vol 13 and the September issue of Asuka magazine (which serializes X, monthly)... so I'll be added pictures from those two sections shortly. Also, in the near future I will debut a painting of Satsuki I made. I will hopefully be making a couple more updates before I go back to school on September 5th.

7-17-01 This is the first day my site is operational. Pics and info are up, sounds are coming. And hopefully in August I'll be able to get some info on Satsuki from the X anime. Thanks for visiting.