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Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is a manga created by the famous manga artist team CLAMP. It follows the adventures of 4th grader Sakura Kinomoto on her quest to capture all the Clow Cards before they might cause evil in this world. The Clow Cards were created a long, long time ago by a powerful sorcerer, Clow Reed, and sealed away in a book to keep them from causing trouble. The cards were to wait in the book until someone came along with power equal to that of Clow Reedís and could hence control the cards. Unfortuneately, the guardian beast, Keroberos, of the book fell asleep on the job and the cards escaped.
Thatís where Sakura comes in. She found the empty book in her fatherís library and accidently woke up Keroberos. Then Keroberos tricked her into becoming a Cardcaptor, and thusly into rounding up all the Clow Cards for him. Even though, she is a little angry that Kero (Sakuraís pet name for Keroberos) tricked her, she begins to collect the cards anyway.
During their card capturing adventures, however, Kero notices that Sakura does posess magical powers and begins to believe she may be the one Clow Reed had hoped would find the book. Also on their adventures they are joined by Sakuraís best friend Tomoyo, who likes to videotape Sakuraís adventures as well as make flashy costumes for Sakura to wear while she captures cards. A little later in the story a boy from China, Shauron Li, comes to Japan on a quest to recover the Clow Cards and becomes some what of a rival for Sakura. But they eventually turn out to be really good friends.
The series has only recently started in America, but it has finished in Japan. Running for 18 volumes of manga. It is a light hearted and heart-warming story and excellent for young children as well as old and even adults.