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X/1999 is a series created by the famous manga artist team CLAMP. It’s basically about the end of the world and it is heavily based on the book of Revelations. Though the main character of the story is a boy named Kamui (which means God’s power), there are 13 other characters with equal importance to the story. The story is not difficult to get in to, as a matter of fact the story is quite addicting.
The rough plot is that the Promised Day is coming and there are two sides that want to reshape the Earth’s and humankind’s destiny on that day. One group is the Ten no Ryu (Dragons of Earth). They want to protect humankind. However, as a result of saving humankind, the Earth will die instead. The other group is the Chi no Ryu (Dragons of Heaven). They will help the Earth continue to live on. But to do that, all of humankind would have to be destroyed.
Now the Ten no Ryu are rather nice a group of people, seven to be exact. Made up of three temple leaders, a sorcerer, two pretty average people with magical powers and then there’s Kamui, who’s their unofficial leader. Everyone in this group must be able to create a kekkai (protective barrier), because this is what prevents the Chi no Ryu from bringing about the Promised Day before its actually suppose to get her. On first glance one would generally guess they are the good guys. But then again they’re out to essentially destroy the Earth.

The Ten no Ryu

The Chi no Ryu

The Chi no Ryu on the other hand are a rag-tag bunch of characters. Not nearly as group orientated as the Ten no Ryu, but working towards the same goal nonetheless. The seven characters belonging to this group all have some sort of problem with the human race and thus hope for their destruction. They can cause destruction by destroying certain buildings, rail lines and etc, which all happen to be in Tokyo. These certain buildings and things just happen to be the delicate fabric holding the Earth together, once broken the Promised Day will be here and the destiny of everything will be decided. The Chi no Ryu are considered to be the bad guys, though they are far more interesting than the other group.
X/1999 is still running in Japan, rather slowly, I might add. And it has recently been suspended in America for certain reasons. The manga is definately not for children. Teenagers possibly. There is a lot of blood and gore throughout the whole thing. It would give little kids nightmares. Despite that one pitfall, the series is still excellent story wise, though it can be slow at times. It is worth getting in to.